WordPress vulnerability puts 300,000 at risk for attack

A WordPress vulnerability that could affect 300,000 users has been identified and patched. By if admins don’t update, they remain…

4 days ago

Twitter patches security issue for Android app, users urged to update

Twitter is warning users about an exploitable security issue in its Android app. The app has been patched — and…

4 weeks ago

AutoClerk data leak exposes civilians and U.S. military

Hotel property management system AutoClerk suffered a data leak that doesn’t just affect regular travelers. The U.S. military is also…

3 months ago

Forcepoint VPN patches privilege escalation vulnerability

If you are a Forcepoint VPN customer, there’s a privilege escalation vulnerability you should know about. Fortunately, there is also…

4 months ago

Microsoft Windows bug patched — after 20 years

A Windows bug has been putting computer users in potential danger for almost 20 years. After much delay, Microsoft has…

5 months ago

WordPress vulnerabilities leveraged in malvertising campaign

Malvertising campaigns are nothing new. But this one targeting WordPress plugin vulnerabilities has a bit of extra malice to it.

6 months ago

Google hikes payouts on Chrome bug-bounty program

In an attempt to make its products safer, Google is enticing the best and brightest with higher payouts in its…

6 months ago

Google Search as a security tool? Not as crazy as it sounds

IT pros have a number of conventional — and unconventional — tools in their toolbox. But have you ever thought…

7 months ago

Mozilla patches ‘type confusion’ zero-day exploit in Firefox

A “type confusion” zero-day can be dangerous. Firefox users should read on to see why, and more important, make sure…

7 months ago

System feeling down? Architect your enterprise apps for high availability

Businesses want to improve uptime, and optimizing every part of their technology stack for high availability is a significant step…

8 months ago