JP Morgan Chase data breach affects Montana customers

Customers of the JP Morgan Chase Bank in Montana have been notified of a data breach. The breach was caused by a technical malfunction, and as a result, the bank sent out letters to the affected parties warning them. The letter was written and signed by Andrew North, who serves as JP Morgan Chase’s Executive Director of Privacy Operations.

A copy of the letter can be found on the website of Montana’s DOJ affiliate office. In part, the letter describes the main cause of the breach and how customers are affected by stating the following:

We learned of a technical issue here that may have mistakenly allowed another customer with similar personal information to see your account information on or in the Chase Mobile app, or receive your account statements. We have found no indication that your information has been used inappropriately.

The other customer might have seen information about your accounts, including balance(s) and transactions as well as your name and account numbers. You won’t be liable for any fraudulent activity on your Chase accounts that you promptly tell us about. We encourage you, as always, to review your account settings and transactions on, Chase Mobile and in monthly statements. Should you identify any inconsistencies and need assistance, please contact us at the number on your statement or on the back of your card.

The technical glitch was active from May to July, and it was reported to Montana’s Office of the Attorney General in mid-August. JP Morgan Chase is offering free credit monitoring to all affected customers through Experian. While there has been no evidence of compromise, this can always be subject to change. As in any data breach, customers should heed JP Morgan Chase’s words in the letter and constantly monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity.

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