Advanced Networking comes to Hyper-V

Windows Server 8 Hyper-V deployments will be able to take advantage of Cisco’s full portfolio of virtual networking technologies through the Cisco Nexus® 1000V Series Switches and Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS™) Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX). This is made possible by Microsoft making the virtual switching technology within Hyper-V extensible. This opens up the doors for 3rd party vendors such as Cisco to add things like filtering, inspecting, inserting packets, etc. via Microsoft APIs.

Cisco offers two solutions based on the Hyper-V extensible switch framework to extend advanced networking features to Hyper-V virtual environments. Customers can choose the solution that best fits their needs. The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series is a software-based solution focused on extending advanced features and integrated services with a flexible deployment model, and Cisco UCS VM-FEX is a hardware-based solution that offers simplified management and near-bare-metal I/O performance.

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