A Quick Tip To Get Members Of Security Groups

The below command can be used to get the list of members of a security groups mentioned in a text file. This is very useful when you want a list of user accounts for Security Groups.


  1. Create a text file: GroupNames.txt
  2. Copy all the group names (do not copy the DN of the Group, only the group name. For example, Administrator)
  3. Run the following command:

For /f "Tokens=*" %a in (GroupNames.txt) Do DsQuery group -name "%a" | DsGet group -members -expand > GroupName_%a.txt

The above command will create a file by that group name and all the members of that group will be saved in that group file.

Required files:

Please make sure you have the below mentioned files on the computer where you are running the above command.

  • DSQuery
  • DsGet

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