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Well we have all heard about the various pieces of legislation that have been passed in the States. Quite a few of them I am sure affect you in the corporate world. That plus the now mandated disclosure of database breaches in certain States in the US makes for some interesting times. Not every corporation has the in-house expertise to get these audits done. Not only that but do you really want your in-house staff doing it to begin with? It is sometimes a good idea to have this type of compliance work done by an outside contractor. No, this is not a advert from me to you, but rather it is always a good idea to get an objective third eye view of your network as it impacts legislation passed. How many of you guys actually do have contractors audit your networks? Anyone care to share some stories? I for one think it is a good idea that such legislation as HIPAA and others have been passed. Anyhow your thoughts if you have any would be good.

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