Wayne Maples

Why Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003

250 KB Microsoft Word file – Windows Server 2003 provides many new tools, services, and features that make a compelling case for upgrading from Microsoft Windows NT® Server 4.0. This white paper explains the overall benefits of upgrading and addresses the significant management and cost saving benefits provided by the Active Directory® service. The rest of the paper examines enhancements in key server roles.

Using Attack Surface Area and Relative Attack Surface Quotient to Identify Attackability of Windows Server 2003

416 KB Adobe Acrobat file – In March 2003, Microsoft engaged the Security and Technology Solutions practice of Ernst & Young LLP to validate the Relative Attack Surface Quotient (RASQ) model developed by Microsoft, which quantifies the relative "attackability" provided by each of its operating system platforms. The model provides a methodology to compute the attackability of Microsoft Windows server operating systems by describing potential exploit points and assigning a relative vulnerability level based on exploits that occur in the real world. Ernst & Young conclude that Windows Server 2003 is the least attackable operating system Microsoft has ever released.

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