Azure Portal: Using subscription and favorites

The Azure Portal is easy and flexible for all type of environments and knowing your way around helps a lot during your cloud tasks operations. In today’s post, we are going to take a close look at two nice features: Directory + Subscription and Favorites.

Alternating subscriptions

In this past, this process was a little bit tricky, but there is a new button on the top bar called Directory + Subscription where the cloud administrator is able to switch between subscriptions and directories in the Azure Portal, making the process to jump among different subscriptions much easier. There is also a start (favorite) beside the subscription list, which adds them to the Favorites tab on the same area. It is useful when you have a lot of subscriptions and some are more frequently accessed than others.

Azure Portal


This is well-named because I think this is everyone’s favorite option. We can control the items that are listed on the left side, which helps the cloud administrator access frequent services in a single click on the Azure Portal.

The interface is simple. We can control the items being listed by clicking on All Services (Item 1 in the image below) and from that list, we can click on the Star (Item 2) to make them a favorite and they will show on the left side ( Item 3). We are able to control the order of the favorite by dragging and dropping them as we see fit.

Azure Portal

Azure Portal: Use the power

Azure Portal really is the go-to place for cloud admins. And we are just scratching the surface here on all the things you can do.

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