Backing up DHCP database using Netsh

You can use the Netsh command to back up the DHCP database of your DHCP server. This can be important because the DHCP database contains information about your DHCP server, scopes, reservations, options, leases, and registry keys. By default, Windows Server automatically backs up the DHCP database files and registry configuration every 60 minutes and saves the backed up information in the \System32\DHCP\Backup folder, but you can use Netsh to manually back up the DHCP database at any time as follows:

netsh dhcp server backup "C:\DHCPbackups"

The above command backups up DHCP registry configuration to C:\DHCPbackups\DhchCfg, and backs up the DHCP database file (.mdb) to the C:\DHCPbackups\new folder.

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