Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365 and Gaining Control of Your Email & PSTs – Once and for All!

Join Michael Osterman, Principal of Osterman Research, and Danny Milrad, Director, Product Marketing, of Barracuda Networks for an educational webinar that will outline the best practices for migrating to Office 365 that will put a spotlight on one of the top mistakes that organizations make when migrating to Office 365.

Attend this webinar to see how you can successfully complete the migration to Office 365 while delivering on the promise of cloud messaging, and gaining control of your emails and more in the process. You will discover:

  • Best practices and tips for migrating to Office 365, including why properly addressing your electronic data and files in the migration is essential
  • Key features and limitations of native Office 365 archiving, and why you should consider a third party archive
  • How to ensure a smooth migration of your email and data to Office 365, without exposing your organization to eDiscovery and other information management risks
  • What you need to know about both native and third party search and eDiscovery capabilities, as well as indexing of different file types

 And you’ll have the opportunity to ask our expert presenters your top questions!

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