These Big Data certifications will help you supercharge your IT career

We are living in a golden age for the IT industry. Thanks to numerous evolving technologies, skilled aspirants are crawling out of the woodwork to secure new job opportunities or transition to new sectors. This is especially true of Big Data. Nowadays, companies seek better ways to draw information from the massive data volumes available to them, and they recognize candidates who possess the skills required to handle enormous data sets. Thankfully, multiple Big Data certifications exist that inculcate these talents in professionals wanting to establish an IT career in this hot field. Find out more about the best Big Data certifications right now:

CCA administrator certification

Big Data Certifications

Completing this certification means you have exhibited the cluster administrator and core system skills necessary for Cloudera deployment in the enterprise. The two-hour examination requires a lot of research and preparation, but you can improve your chances significantly by applying for the Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop.

The four-day course provides the technical skills required to manage and scale a Hadoop cluster in a production or development environment. Online training is available along with in-person courses and on-demand training across the world.

Cloudera certified administrator for Apache Hadoop

You know your way around an Apache Hadoop cluster and this certification is a testament to your technical skills and knowledge. Not only are you taught everything about HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), but you brush up your Hadoop cluster administration and installation skills as well.

However, bear in mind that passing the examination requires you to attain a 70 percent or above score. The test itself features 60 questions, which you need to answer within 90 minutes.

Certified analytics professional (CAP)

To sign up the coveted certified analytics professional course, you must first meet the minimum experience and education criteria. The program covers numerous key domains across the analytics process. Some of the standouts include model construction, methodology selection, lifecycle management, and business problems and framing analytics.

SAS certifications

Big Data Certifications

Many tech professionals opt for SAS certifications, and with good reason. The exam offers candidates the perfect opportunity to score new datasets, show off their data preparation, and exhibit their predictive model building and assessment skills. They are tested on the basis of predictive modeling skills, ANOVA, and logistic regression.

If you are interested in data analytics, press the key for the SAS 9 — Business Intelligent Content Developer certification from SAS.

But if you’re focused on the SAS Certified Predictive Modeler position, then skills and knowledge of SAS Enterprise Miner 13 is vital. The SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst certification is well worth the time for budding statisticians and is one of the best Big Data certifications you can snare.

EMC data scientist associate (EMCDSA)

EMC certificate is necessary to participate and contribute on big projects as a data science member. You must possess the requisite skills to create statistical models, choose suitable data visualizations, deploy the data analytics lifecycle, analyze Big Data with analytic tools and techniques, and transform business challenges into analytics challenges.

MCSE business intelligence

Upon passing this examination, you will qualify as a business intelligence and reporting engineer. This certification showcases your design and data solution development skills. Plus, you are capable of implementing them throughout companies without any hiccups. The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 exam has five stages.

If you cross the first three tests, you become an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) with SQL Server 2012 certification. Once you complete the last two exams, you get the MCSE Business Intelligence title.

Cloudera certified professional data scientist

Big Data Certifications

The complete course consists of three examinations. All three must be taken in the order of your choice within a span of 365 days. The basic skills include features extraction from datasets with various noise forms, including bad records, errors, or partial records.

In addition, you must be capable of working with data stored across a wide range of formats, including XML, graph link data, and JSON. Thanks to the peer review technology, candidates can develop accuracy, scalability, robustness, and a data science solution.

CCA data analyst certification

This course is necessary for developers, database admins, system architects, data analysts, SQL developers, and BI specialists who must perform the core competencies for pulling and generating reports in the CDH environment of Cloudera.

Before you appear for the 120-minute examination, however, take the Data Analyst Training, which is a four-day analyst course for accessing, manipulating, transforming, and analyzing large sets of data using known scripting languages like SQL in the Hadoop cluster. You can receive online training on demand or attend in-person courses taught throughout the globe.

HP Vertica Big Data accredited solutions expert

The ASE certification is a constant fixture across all tech job boards, given the importance of HP’s Vertica Analytics Platform. This certification focuses on database admins and gauges their capacity to troubleshoot and identify issues.

Apart from that, you become a pro at optimizing the performance of the Vertica platform and can perform advanced tasks, like manual projection design and database tuning. You must first appear for a cloud-based examination, and then for a written test designed by Pearson VUE testing.

IBM certified solution advisor — Big Data & analytics v1

Professionals who achieve this certification know the core concepts of analytics and big data. They are capable of identifying customer needs and requirements and can suggest great solutions.

Some of the skills covered by this course include architectures, maturity and adoption models, design principles in Big Data and analytics, and processes. You gain an edge over the competition if you have knowledge of IBM products but it is not necessary. You can prepare for this exam and hone your abilities by attending the two-day IBM Certified Solution Advisor for Big Data and Analytics boot camp.

Big Data certifications mean a bright future

More and more companies are turning to Big Data, thereby expanding the space rapidly. However, the Big Data certifications must evolve alongside.

The abovementioned courses have updated their content to stay on par with the changes in this industry. Big Data certifications prove to potential employers that you have the correct skills and can apply them wherever needed.

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