CES 2022: Automobiles, TVs, and other Exciting Announcements

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always the go-to event for the latest and greatest news in the industry, with this year being no exception! CES 2022 was packed with news about smartphones, computers, and smart wearables. It also included announcements on several futuristic concept cars, next-gen TVs, and smart monitors. In this post, we’ll look at the top announcements made in these disruptive, mind-expanding fields, along with other special mentions. We’ve selected some of the most tantalizing concepts and technology the show had to offer and added them right here!

Automotive Announcements

Unlike previous years, CES 2022 included some interesting automotive announcements from global giants like BMW, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Chrysler, and many others. This year’s edition really showcased the automotive sector’s continued effort to further integrate consumer electronics features in their designs. One of the major trends that we witnessed at the event was the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) along with several concept cars with futuristic features. That’s likely because automotive companies are becoming aware of the paradigm shift towards environmentally-friendly vehicles and are trying to capture the largest market share.

Below are our top picks from the event in terms of their features, uniqueness, and pricing that could disrupt the existing automobile market as we know it.

BMW iX Flow 

BMW introduced a novel concept car, the BMW iX Flow. It can change its color and pattern with a simple button. This car uses the electrophoretic technology found in E-Ink, the same technology used in Kindle displays. The iX has a special wrap around its body that brings different color pigments to the surface through electrical stimulation.

This technology mimics a surface’s reflectivity. That ensures you don’t get a reflective glare or washed out color in strong sunlight, unlike conventional backlit technologies. That makes it a practical, albeit expensive, alternative to paint!

The E-Ink implementation on automobiles allows for many customization options. The users can change their vehicle’s color and design according to their preferences. The E-Ink technology used on the car can also help users regulate the temperatures inside the car: they can change the color to either absorb or reflect sunlight.

At present, this car is only a concept. We’re unsure if BMW will ever bring this car to production because this technology can be costly. We also don’t know how durable the exterior surfaces are with everyday usage. Yet, if BMW puts this concept into production, users will have one less thing to think about before buying a car–the paint!

The BMW iX Flow changing its color and pattern. It's halfway through a transition between a solid black front and a fractal white and gray pattern on the back.
BMW’s iX Flow concept car changes its color and pattern with E-Ink technology.

Chevrolet Equinox EV

Chevrolet announced its all-new Equinox EV. This car has a starting price of under $30,000. It’s all set to hit the roads in the US in the second half of 2023. This compact SUV undercuts Tesla’s cheapest offering by over $10,000. It’s a stiff competitor to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Chevrolet also announced the Silverado EV–the company’s new upcoming electric pick-up starting at $39,900. 

The Chevrolet Equinox EV cruising on a road showcasing its exterior design, a compact SUV form-factor, and front panel with LED headlights.
The all new Chevrolet Equinox EV.

We have very few specifications available to compare it to other brands, especially since Tesla and GM are holding their cards right to their chest. Still, we know GM wants to use Super Cruise, their door-to-door driverless technology in all cars produced in 2023. We’re also seeing some speculation that it’ll likely have a 300-mile range, based on its price point and construction costs. 

Image showcasing a blue Chevrolet Silverado electric vehicle, announced at the CES 2022 event.
The all new Chevrolet Silverado EV.

More Concept Cars

On top of these announcements, the CES 2022 also included a concept car from LG, the LG Omnipod. It’s a smart mobility concept car from the company that can bridge the gap between home and car. Sony also teased their Vision-S 02 concept car, an all-electric SUV with 7 seats featuring 360-degree audio and rear-seat displays. Cadillac and Chrysler also teased the audience with their concept cars at the event.

Next-generation Televisions and Monitors

Television and monitor makers don’t have a venue better than CES to announce their latest offerings. Following the established, global industry leaders like Sony and Samsung announced their top-of-the-line offerings at CES 2022. In this section, we’re giving you an overview of top news, from the most advanced Quantum Dot display technology to multi-purpose smart monitors 

Sony A95K

Sony announced the first-ever commercial QD-OLED (Quantum Dot) TV at CES 2022. Quantum dots are semiconducting nanoparticles. When they’re arranged in a certain way, they allow greater resolutions than traditional screen technologies like LCD/LED. They also have different optical and electrical properties than the larger particles used in traditional LED or LCD screens. All in all, this technology provides an enhanced viewing experience, better color reproduction, and better picture quality

Dubbed as the Sony Master Series A95K, it’s the company’s only QD-OLED model all-set to hit the store shelves later this year. According to Sony, the TV sports 200% more color saturation than the usual LCD/LED panel and can deliver punchy blacks and wider viewing angles. The Sony A95K should also come with a Bravia Cam that allows users to set proximity alerts for vision care. It also packs in other features, like auto power-saving mode, optimized audio outputs, gesture control for playback, and more. Sony has yet to announce pricing and availability. 

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung is working on wiping out the line between monitors and TVs. Samsung Odyssey Ark is the South-Korean tech giant’s largest curved monitor yet to sport a massive 55-inch next-gen gaming screen powered by Quantum Dot Mini LED display. 

Originally, Sony announced the Quantum dot technology via a partnership with QD Vision. Yet, Samsung rapidly brought its own version to market and currently owns the QLED trademark, working with a variety of specialized manufacturers to put the panels together.

The Odyssey Ark comes with an adjustable stand that allows it to be used horizontally and vertically for a cockpit-like viewing experience. The stand is also height-adjustable, which means you can tilt it to suit your needs. The monitor also features an adaptable screen size. It can fit any game or program in use, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 4K resolution. The monitor also comes with a control dial of its own that allows users to quickly swap between different windows

Thanks to Samsung’s MultiView, the display on the Odyssey Ark can be split into multiple windows/views to perform multiple operations simultaneously. Samsung is yet to announce the price and availability of this masterpiece of a monitor. Still, considering its specifications and features, it’s safe to assume the price can be upwards of $3000. 

Samsung's all new Odyssey Ark set up vertically in an environment suitable for gaming and multitasking.
Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor.

Samsung Smart M8

The Samsung Smart M8 is the latest smart monitor in the company’s Arsenal. This 32-inch 4K monitor with a QLED panel can deliver several smart TV-like functionalities, including access to several over-the-top media service platforms and streaming apps. That said, it can also function as a regular monitor. It has an integrated SmartThings IoT hub, allowing the users to control and access many smart devices across the network. This feature makes the monitor truly unique. What’s more, the M8 packs in a new feature called Workspace that supports cloud productivity services like Microsoft 365. Samsung is yet to disclose the M8’s pricing and availability information. 

Sony PlayStation VR2

As a special mention, Sony finally launched the second iteration of its PlayStation VR headset at CES 2022. Sony designed the virtual reality headset to complement the gaming experience on the popular PlayStation Console. The company didn’t unveil the release date, but it announced its features and specifications. The headset offers a 4K HDR visual experience with a 110-degree view. It also sports higher refresh rates of up to 120Hz. It comes packed in with inbuilt cameras to track the user’s movements. Sony also mentioned that the new PlayStation VR can detect the player’s eye motion with its eye-tracking technology to provide a more immersive gaming experience

Sony's latest PlayStation VR2 headset with built-in earplugs, support strap, and cord running out from the headband to connect to PS. The picture also showcases the LED segments on the front/vision panel.
The new Sony PlayStation VR2.

Metaverse and NFT

Metaverse and NFTs also made their way to CES 2022 with Hyundai’s digital Twin concept and Samsung’s NFT TVs.

Wrapping It up–Smart Home

On top of the news we’ve mentioned, CES 2022 also packed in some very interesting announcements in smart home electronics. These technologies should further assist our everyday lives. This year’s event included a bunch of smart home devices, including:

Kitchen and Bath

Kohler announced its futuristic bathtubs that can be remotely filled and temperature controlled

Other kitchen and bathroom solutions such as LG InstaView Double Oven Range and Moen Smart Faucet caught the attention of many.

Smart Cams and Doorbells

The Cync outdoor smart camera and the Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell were some of the smart home security cameras

Audio and Multimedia

CES 2022 also witnessed many home audio and multimedia offerings, like Samsung’s 2022 Eco Remote, JBL 4305P Studio Monitors, Cambridge Audio Alva, Jabra Elite 4 Active, Shure Sonic 40, Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000, among others.

Final Thoughts

This year’s CES has been outstanding without a doubt. We’re hoping to see all the concepts and unveiled designs converted into mass-produced products. We’re also excited to see these products hit the store shelves for us, so everyone can get an in-depth understanding of how these products and technologies fare in real-world usage. 



What is a product concept?

Product Concept is meant to showcase the products preferred by consumers, which have the highest quality, performance, and features. A product concept can only turn into a reality and hit mass production if it satisfies other business factors, like marketing, distribution, sales, service, etc.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain network. Nowadays, NFTs are usually associated with reproducible digital files like photos, videos, and audio.

What are Quantum Dots?

Quantum dots are semiconducting nanoparticles that absorb light from a range of wavelengths and emit light of a different, defined wavelength depending on their size or composition. This helps display technology to produce brighter, sharper, and more vivid picture quality. 

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle. It’s updated from real-time data and uses simulation, machine learning, and reasoning to help with decision-making.



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