Changing the Local Administrator Password on Domain Workstations with Group Policy

Previously, doing things such as changing the administrator account password for domain workstations involved bring things such as scripting into play. Windows Server 2008 group policy addresses some of these concerns and makes this type of activity a bit easier.

Making changes to the local administrator account is quite easy when working with Group Policy in Windows Server 2008. You can access these settings when configuring a new GPO by browsing to Computer Configuration\Preferences\Control Panel. From here, right click local users and groups, and click New – Local User. After doing this, select Update from the action drop down box and type Administrator as the user name. Once you have done this you can rename the account, change the password for it, or even disable it. This section of group policy can be used to add and configure any user account you like on your domain workstations. Simply apply the policy and you are good to go. This method is much easier than previous methods of performing the same task.

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