Amazon Web Services

AWS Benefits Rise over Time, IDC Says

The economics of AWS are pretty good to start with, with reduced CAPEX, greater uptime and improved agility. But according to an IDC report sponsored by Amazon “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates over Time,” the economics get better and better as time goes on.

How AWS Happened

Microsoft invented Azure because that is what the market and shareholders wanted – a broad-based cloud service to which its users can migrate. The story of AWS is far more organic.

AWS Raking in the ISVs

AWS is the clear cloud and IaaS market leader, with 5 times the compute capacity of its rivals, Gartner says. Technology is part of its strength. But a massive and flowering set of partners is another.

An Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006. Amazon amongst its many business streams offers cloud-based services, web based products and cloud rentable resources. In this article we will briefly look at the broad range of services and products offered through AWS and take into consideration the reasons for why some organisations are choosing AWS over the multitude of competitive alternatives.

AWS Free Tier Services

Choosing a cloud provider is serious business. It’s a commitment – one that can greatly benefit your business by saving money and making things easier and more convenient for IT admins and users, or one that can plunge you into a cloudy nightmare. In theory, you should be able to easily move your virtual machines from one cloud vendor’s data center to another’s. But because different vendors offer different services (beyond the standard compute and storage services) and implement them in slightly different ways, it’s not always as easy as you might think.

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