Configuring live stream splitting for streaming application filters.

In this tutorial it will be shown how to configure live media steam splitting, this configuration is useful when many people in your organization are using the internet to stream media from the same source.

An organization has a public announcement that is made on a radio station that is web enabled, and management (unaware of the available bandwidth) sends out a link to the website where the users can connect to a live stream to listen to the live public announcement. If this organization has over 10 employees connecting to this live stream, and there is a very small pipe to the internet, the line will become over utilized and it can have a very serious business impact. Using ISA’s technology it is possible to have only one connection to the site and the users can then all share the same connection.

Let’s configure Live split streaming to solve this issue.

  1. Click on application filters

  1. Right-click Streaming Media Filter and then click Properties.

  1. Click on the Live Stream Splitting tab, the window is described above.

  1. Select Split live streams using the following WMT Server pool

  2. Now click Add and type the Internet protocol (IP) address of the WMT server, and then please click OK.
  3. Type in User Account, the username of the administrator of the WMT server, then type in the correct password and confirm it. Please note: The user account typed in must be a member of the Netshow Administrators group on each of the WMT servers.

Summary: It is important to know what type of web resources your users are using, this will help you to better structure your ISA server and to configure it in the best suited way for your organization. Live stream splitting is a tried and tested technology and works very well in organizations where many gigabytes of streaming occur. It is possible to reduce your ISA’s daily download rate using this technology. Bandwidth is precious to most organizations and efficient use of it is always good practice. 

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