Copying and customizing task sequences in MDT 2010

MDT 2010 includes the new capability of being able to copy tasks or groups of tasks from one task sequence to another. But what if you want to make a copy of an entire task sequence so you can use the copy as a starting point for a new task sequence and then customize your new task sequence? Unfortunately there's no way of doing this directly in the Deployment Workbench or even by using the Windows PowerShell Provider for MDT. But you can do this manually by following these steps:

1. Create a new task sequence using the Workbench. Be sure to select the same task sequence template (e.g. Standard Client) and operating system image as the original task sequence you want to copy.

2. Use Windows Explorer to copy the TS.xml file from the \DeploymentShare$\Control\ folder to the \DeploymentShare$\Control\ folder, overwriting the existing TS.xml file in the folder.

3. Open the properties of your new task sequence in the Workbench and select the Task Sequence tab. The tasks and task groups for your new task sequence will be identical to those of your original task sequence. Now go ahead and customize these tasks and task groups as desired for your new task sequence.

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