Create an integrated installation of Windows 2000 and service pack

You want a network share with installation files at a certain service pack level. For example, drive D: is my CD drive.

  • Get writeable connection to the network share where you want to create the distribution folder.

    net use w: \\myserver\distshare

  • Copy W2K i386 folder from installation CD to share.

    xcopy d:\i386 w: /e

  • Update distribution with service pack CD

    • Extract the service pack files from W2ksp2.exe to a folder on your PC

      d:\w2ksp2.exe /x

    • You will be asked to Choose Directory For Extracted Files . I chose c:\spextract.
    • Run update to integrate SP files onto installation share.
      Note: PC used to execute update command must be running W2K.

      c:\spextract\i386\Update\Update.exe -s:W:\

After update builds the integrated installation, you can use the distshare for attended or unattended setups. You can use it immediately to test that it is an integrated network installation share. I would also suggest saving and examining the svcpack.log which update created on the %systemroot% of the W2K box used to run the update program.

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