Current Cumulative Updates for Office – Q1 2016

As I mentioned in the Current Cumulative Updates for Office – Q3 2012 post, each quarter I will post information on the latest updates for the Office for Windows and Office for Macintosh products.

The information below is being provided regarding the most currently available updates available for the supported Windows and Macintosh versions of Office as of January 1, 2016

As a reminder on why I’m providing this information and how it should be used, please see my Keeping Up with Office Updates post which discusses the cumulative updates for Office (and Outlook in particular) that companies need to be aware of and push out to their users. 

Note: As of January 1, 2015 the Office product group has made a decision to no longer have both what were known as “Public Updates” (those that you could get through Microsoft Update) and “Cumulative Updates” (separate downloads) for the Office 2013 products, which has always been very confusing (and part of why I started posting this information).  Going forward, all updates will be part of the Public Update releases.  However, I will continue to post this bulletin quarterly so that you have this information to properly manage updates for desktops, etc.

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