Modem Internet Connection via DCC

for additional information:
See Parallel Technologies’ Web Site for detailed information on
Internet Connection Sharing via Direct Cable Connection (DCC) :There are some very helpful Step-By-Step Setup Instructions for setting up
DirectParallel® Direct Cable Connection (DCC) on Windows 95/98/2000/ME:

Windows 98SE / ME and Windows 2000 include “Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)“, which is
designed to work via LAN using a network, it does not work using a Direct Cable Connection.
To share a Direct-Cable connection for Internet access via Modem (the configuration is different
for Internet connection via ADSL or Cable-Modem) , you need to install a Non-Microsoft
Proxy server, there are several packages available on the market, I am going to use here as

WinRoute Lite from Kerio
(previously offered by TinySoftware )

First Step:
Decide which computer will be your host and which will be your guest.
Make the computer, which has the modem for connection with the Internet, the DCC Host,
and make the computer without the modem the DCC Client.
The DCC host with Internet Connection Sharing can be Windows95, 98, 98SE or ME.
The DCC client can be Windows 95,98, 98SE, ME or 2000.

Before setting up such Internet Connection Sharing, make sure that:
– if Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing is install: un-install it !
– you have on your DCC Host a connection via modem to the Internet.
– make sure that the DCC connection between DCC client and DCC host is working.
configure the DCC Host for Internet Connection Sharing
configure the DCC Client for Internet Connection Sharing
Test again :
– that the Dial-up connection to the Internet is still working properly
– that the DCC-connection between DCC-client and DCC-host is still working properly
– install the non-Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing
Now you are ready to use it:
– make the DCC connection between DCC-client and DCC-host
– make the dialup-networking connection to the Internet

And you are ready to browse the Internet via the DCC-connection !

Note: Although you can download most Non-Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing programs
as shareware to evaluate them, you will need to register ( and pay for them ) once the evaluation
period has expired (usually 30 days).

Parallel Technologies, Inc offers
for its parallel DCC-cables very
nice package deals, which include
already the license for WinrouteLite.

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