Debate: Hyper-V or VMware

Have you heard of the ZDNet debate series? This is where ZDNet hosts a virtual debate between 2 heavy-hitters. On March 15th, ZDNet hosted a debate between Microsoft and VMware about their server virtualization products. The debaters were Jason Perlow (for Microsoft Hyper-V) and Ken Hess (for VMware). The moderator was Jason Hiner and the questions included things like:

  • Why hasn’t Hyper-V already crushed VMware?
  • What are the functionality differences between Hyper-V and VMware? Is there true feature parity?
  • Are Citrix and Red Hat going to be major players in the data center over the next 2-4 years or is this destined to turn into a two-horse race?
  • Costs.
  • Does Hyper-V really save money?
  • Private cloud.
  • The Novell Netware comparison.
  • And more…

In the end, the ZDNet gave VMware the win for best argument, but the audience gave the win to Microsoft overall (barely).

Go read the transcript for yourself and see what you think…

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