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Each time, when I load a new operating system or connect something new to my system, I always check in the Control-Panel: System:

the tab: Device-Manager:

It should look like this: no special marks in yellow or red, and when looking at the “Properties” of a device:

it should state as “Device Status”: This device is working properly.
But the world is not perfect, Windows is not perfect and new equipment connected to the system is not always working properly, so you may see:

These yellow Exclamation marks require our attention, so let look at the
properties (using as example the real problem on my system with the IDE/ESDI Hard disk controller):

As shows as “Device status:”something does not work.
( I have not been able to find in Windows a list of these Codes, but I found one at Microsoft, see: Device Manager Codes ).
Lets follow the advise and use the “Hardware Conflict Troubleshooter“:

I have in this example a “hardware conflict”:

Lets start up the Troubleshooter.

The Troubleshooter asks you to open the Device-Manager
in “View Devices by type“.

The Troubleshooter is now asking several questions, which you will need
to answer according to your problem.
I continue with my example: the device is listed only once.

Follow the instructions:

In my case: all possible settings for the IRQ had a conflict.

At this time, I made the final decision:
This IDE/ESDI Harddisk-controller is part of my old Soundblaster-card.
I am NOT using it, because I have already 2 IDE-controllers on the motherboard, so I decided to deactivate/disable this device:

unchecking the “Device usage” tells Windows to ignore this device
and NOT to use it.
Once this selection is stored , you are asked to reboot.
Look again in the Device Manager:

the “red cross” indicates a device switch off.

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