ISA 2000 Fixes in Service Pack 1

ISA 2000 Fixes in Service Pack 1 (Scott Jiles)
The List of Fixes Contributed by Scott Jiles

313249 List of Bugs Fixed by Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Q283213 Blocking and Logging Traffic on ISA Server Internal Interfaces
Q284835 Cannot Connect to the Enterprise Administration Console
Q285807 Rule Fields in Firewall Log Are Sometimes Not Logged Properly
Q285812 Cannot Configure or Use the SMTP Filter If the Decimal Symbol Is Not a
Q288247 Access Violation in Mspadmin.exe with ISA Server with Multiple IP
Q289503 Memory Leak in ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Service and Winsock Proxy
Q290731 Firewall Service (Wspsrv.exe) Problems with High S-NAT Client Load
Q291000 External MAPI Clients Cannot Connect with RPC
Q291427 Only the First Web Site Is Returned Using Web Publishing for Multiple
Q292010 High Memory Consumption by SMTP Message Screener Under Stress
Q292013 Unregistered Fltrsnk1.dll Starts with Inetinfo.exe
Q292014 Deleting Disabled SMTP Filter Attachment Rule Leaves Corrupted Rule
Q292018 Slow Response from Downstream ISA Server Using Web Proxy Chaining
Q292545 Autodetection Does Not Work for Chinese and Korean Versions of Browsers
Q292546 Firewall Service (Wspsrv.exe) Hangs When Handling RTSP Streams
Q293161 “STOP 0x000000D1” When Passing Fragmented Packets Without NAT
Q293863 Multiple Overdue Tasks Are Run and Alerts Are Issued for a Short Period
Q294722 Proxy Error 502 Is Returned by ISA Server Under Heavy Stress
Q295279 Web Proxy Service Crashes If URL Requests a Specifically Malformed
Q295388 Access Violation Occurs in Your Firewall Client When It Is Under a High
Q295389 Scripts Can Be Run in the Error Page That Is Returned by ISA Server
Q297080 Incomplete HTML Pages and Random Authentication Prompts If ISA Server Is
Q297324 Multiple Authentication Dialog Boxes Are Displayed When You Use Access
Q297515 All Requests from SecureNAT and Firewall Clients Are Denied
Q300707 Invalid Content-Length Header May Cause Requests to Fail Through ISA
Q301380 Some Server Variables Are Not Fully Implemented in ISA Server
Q301425 ISA Server Does Not Cache Responses That Contain the Location Header
Q301575 Clients Are Unable to Connect to an FTP Server that Is Published on the
Q303379 Firewall Client Conflict with Third-Party Layered Service Providers
Q303530 VPN Clients May Not Work on ISA Server Perimeter Networks
Q304340 The ISA Server Response to Client Options Requests Is Limited to a
Q305204 Clients That Use an Automatic Configuration Script May Not Work Because
Q306884 The Mspadmin.exe ISA Control Service Stops Responding When You Start the
Q307209 You May Not Be Able to Connect to SSL Published Web Sites with SGC
Q307524 Maximum of 14 Characters Are Allowed on the Credentials Tab for Report
Q307784 Server Publishing Rules Intermittently Fail
Q310362 Compressed Files Content Group Is Ignored
Q311011 ISA Server Control May Not Start to Log Errors in the Event Log
Q311777 How to Enable Translating Client Source Address in Server Publishing
Q312391 ISA Firewall Client Shows Connection to Server Name Instead of IP Address
Q312633 ISACTRL Service Does Not Start When You Enable or Disable Packet Filters
Q313056 A GET Request After a POST Request Does Not Work If There Is an Extra
Q313076 Change to the WebProxyPort Setting Is Not Written to Mspclnt.ini
Q313249 List of Bugs Fixed by Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000
Q313338 Denied Web Proxy User Appears as “Anonymous” in the Logs
Q313341 Web Filter Order Changes Are Not Saved
Q313342 Problems with a Flood of Sockets for Primary NAT Connections
Q313343 ISA Server Firewall Chaining Can Cause Problems with FTP Access
Q313344 SMTP Filter Becomes Unstable When You Use Space in Keyword Name or
Q313345 SMTP Filter UI Displays Red X Instead of Rules
Q313346 Commas in URLs Are Logged in ISA Log Files
Q313347 Automatic Detection Causes the Program to Stop Responding for Several
Q313350 Problems When You Use a Server Publishing Rule that Uses a Protocol
Q313354 You Cannot Create Reports from Remote Administration
Q313355 Web Proxy Does Not Return Error Response from the Web Server
Q313356 FTP Client May Not Work When You Enable IP Routing on a Downstream ISA
Q313369 Sample ISAPI Filter in ISA Server SDK Causes Events to Be Logged
Q313375 Incorrect Site and Content Rule Behavior Occurs If Multiple Destinations
Q313396 Attachment Rules for SMTP Filter May Become Damaged
Q313410 RTP Streams Between ISA Servers and Cisco Routers Do Not Work
Q313419 You Can Retrieve Cached Content That Is Blocked by Using a Downstream
Q313430 You Do Not Receive a Warning Not to Install ISA Firewall Client on ISA
Q313431 “Access Denied” Error Message When You Try to Delete a Site and Content
Q313432 Destination Set Data in ISA Server 2000 May Be Damaged or Incorrect
Q313433 VPN Dial-up Connections Are Not Filtered by ISA Server
Q313461 Blocked Protocols Appear in ISA Reports
Q313525 Proxy-to-Proxy Authentication Does Not Work Between a Downstream ISA
Q314113 The Firewall Client May Not Work After You Reinstall the Client on a
Q314120 Client Computers May Be Displayed As “Unknown” in the Application Usage
Q314121 MMS and RTSP UDP Packets on the Secondary Channel Are Dropped

Scott Jiles is an escalation engineer with Microsoft PSS.

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