Geek Week – VDI Shootout

Over at, a new video series has started titled “Geek Week: VDI Shootout“. This unique video series is taking a look at the major vendor’s VDI products – 1 each day. The goals for each vendor are to show product installation, basic product configuration, client installation, user experience (both LAN and WAN), and basic management capabilities. Also, each video is hosted by Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth and features a product engineer from each company. Following is the schedule:

  • Geek Week: VDI Introduction
  • Geek Week: VDI Day 1 – Citrix XenDesktop
  • Geek Week: VDI Day 2 – VMware
  • Geek Week: VDI Day 3 – Virtual Bridges
  • Geek Week: VDI Day 4 – Microsoft
  • Geek Week: VDI Day 5 – Quest

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