Getting Started with VMware and PowerShell

PowerShell makes platform management easy. VMware vSphere PowerCLI has modules and cmdlets that make managing your VMware environment via command line a breeze. Andrew Morgan published a few one-liners to get you started:

Retrieve and Apply DRS recommendations:

get-drsrecommendation | Apply-DrsRecommendation

Find all vm’s with e1000 network cards, for upgrade to vmxnet:

get-vm | Get-NetworkAdapter | where {$_.type -match “e1000″} | select-object parent,networkname,name,type

Power off all vm’s with “test” in their names:

get-vm test* | stop-vm -confirm:$false

Move all vm’s with “test” in their names:

get-vm | where {$ -like “*test”} | move-vm -destination destinationhostname

Remove all vm’s with “test” in their name:

get-vm test* | remove-vm -confirm:$false

Retrieve a list of vm’s with thinly provisioned disks:

get-vm | select HardDisks -expandproperty HardDisks | where {$_.storageformat -match “Thin”} | select-object parent,name,capacitykb,filename

Check out Andrew’s article for more information…

Check out VMware’s PowerCLI page…

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