How to Check if Domain Controller is listening on Required Ports

An Active Directory domain controller is a multi-master application. Any object can be created/updated/deleted on any of the domain controllers of an Active Directory domain. A domain controller must listen on certain network ports before it can listen for the replication traffic. To check if a domain controller is listening on the required ports, please run the following command on a domain controller:

Netstat –an –b | find /I “’Listening” > C:\Temp\DCPortsOutput.txt

The above command stores the listening status of the domain controller with the port it is listening on in a text file called DCPortsOutPut.txt. Domain controllers listen on TCP Port 389, 88, 464, 3268 for Global Catalog and 3269 for Global Catalog over SSL. There are also other ports a domain controller listens on.

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  1. You have to run this from a elevated command prompt. I was able to get it working with the following command:

    netestat -abn | find /I “listening”

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