How to change the temp location for the OAB Generation process on Exchange 2007 sp2 and Exchange 2010

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Dave Goldman blogged how to change the OAB Generation Temp generation folder to a different location.

In Exchange 2007 SP2 we added a registry key called OALGEN_REG_V4_ALT_TEMP_FILES_LOCATION which will allow you to change the temporary storage location for the OAB Version 4 temporary files. This registry key will *ONLY* work for OAB Version 4. OAB versions 2 and 3’s temporary files will still go to the %temp% directory. If this registry key is not present on the OAB’s generating system we will revert back to the %temp% directory.

Being that OAB Version 4 is generated slightly different and uses different compression algorithms we can allow for a larger number of users far exceeded what we could generate on legacy systems.

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