How To Know The Primary Member of A SYSVOL Replica Set?

The Primary Member is used by all the domain controllers to sync the SYSVOL Replica Set. The first DC in a domain is always the FRS Primary Member. This is useful when you want to perform a D4 operation on SYSVOL Replica Set.


  • Log on to a DC.
  • Use ADSIEdit.msc snap-in
  • Navigate to the following location:

Domain NC > CN=System > CN=File Replication Service > CN=Domain System Volume(SYSVOL share) Properties

  • Go to Attribute Editor and check the attribute by name: fRSPrimaryMember

The above attribute will have the DC name on which the FRS was initially started and created the SYSVOL folder. If you ever encounter any problem and want to initate a D4/D2 operation on SYSVOL Replica Set then always use this DC as the Primary DC for D4 and other Domain Controllers as the D2. When you restart FRS, the D2 DCs will sync from the D4 DC.

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