How To Script PsLogList.EXE To Check Event Logs On Remote Computers

Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP and later) ship with a built-in tool to check Event Logs on remote computers. There are three ways to check Event Logs on Remote Computers. This article explains how you can script PsLogList.exe and store Event Logs output in a CSV file.


  • Create a Text File: CompList.TXT
  • Put all the Server names in this file
  • Next, copy the following lines in a file and save it as DSLog.CMD
  • ***START HERE***
  • Echo Off
  • SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
  • FOR /F "Tokens=*" %%L IN (CompList.TXT) DO (
  •    SET ServerName=
  •    SET ServerName=%%L
  •    PsLogList.exe \\!ServerName! "Directory Service" -f e -s -d 7 -x > !ServerName!.CSV
  • )
  • ***END HERE***

Execute the script from a computer from which all the computers/servers mentioned in the CompList.TXT are reachable. The PsLogList command mentioned above gathers the Directory Services from each computer mentioned in the CompList.TXT and output is saved in !ServerName!.CSV file.Download PsLogList.exe from here:

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