Intellisense in Windows PowerShell ISE 3.0

It’s not new information but it is totally worth reading it this post from PowerShell Team about new improvements in the ISE (PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment).

This blog post applies to the Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. The ISE is also fully supported and available when Server 2012 is deployed using the Minimal Server Interface. To start ISE, type ise in a PowerShell console and press Enter

Very few things can be considered “cool” in an interactive command-line environment. Intellisense sure counts as one of the few exceptions. While tab completion has always been a cornerstone of PowerShell usability (and continues to be), my struggle with tab completion is that after cycling through the 5th option, I would have already forgotten the first 3 :-). Discoverability is not optimal either, because a user doesn’t always know when tab completion would work, so it becomes a bit of a trial-and-error exercise. Intellisense provides the following added benefits over tab completion:

  • Automatic drop-down when options are available – better discoverability
  • A view of a dozen (or so) options at a glance – no need to remember the options
  • Icons to help identify the type of options available
  • Syntax tooltips

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