Usage of Direct-Cable Connection via Infrared

for: :
Using Direct Cable Connection via Infrared is very similar to using Direct Cable Connection
via a serial or parallel cross-cable
, except for the following :
Before starting the DCC-“Guest“, make use, that the DCC-“Host” is running, listening to the
serial communications port COM4 :

Start then DCC on the “Guest“, also connecting via COM4 :

If you are not able to connect and get the error-message :

– did you use the Serial Infrared port COM4 ( the parallel Infrared port LPT3 does not work ) ?
– did you limit the communication speed to 115 kbps ?
– are the 2 systems still “seeing each other” or the the view between the Infrared ports blocked ?

It will establish now a connection to the “Host“.

Since we are not using the NetBEUI protocol (as usual for Direct Cable connection for Windows9x),
the system will not be able to locate the host itself :

Enter the name (= computer name ) of the DCC host (in my example : T300),
then you have access to the data on the DCC host :
(is “File and Printer Sharing” installed on the Host and is something shared ? )

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