Is it possible to use Hyper-V as a Client Hypervisor?

Bare metal client hypervisors have potential to be the next big thing in virtualization. Citrix has XenClient, Virtual Computer has NxTop, VMware has/had plans for CVP. However, there doesn’t seem to be a play in the client hypervisor space from Microsoft. So, Benny Tritsch started an experiment of using Hyper-V as a client hypervisor. After all, Hyper-V is a bare metal type 1 hypervisor that seems it could be well suited for a wide hardware compatibility list (HCL). Benny’s article steps you through some of the challenges (and solutions) to using Hyper-V as a client hypervisor. Some of the challenges include Wireless LAN connectivity, getting Aero Glass to work, and installing device drivers.

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