List all Group Policy Object and Creation Time in Domain

You can have hundreds of Group Policy Objects created in your requirement. But when you need to see a list of all the Group Policy Objects, you don’t have an easier way. The easiest way to use the “DSQuery *” command.

DSQuery * command lets you grab a list of Group Policy Objects from the Active Directory domain. The following command gets the list of Group Policy Objects and their creation time:

  • DSQuery * -Filter “(ObjectCategory=GroupPolicyContainer)” –attr DisplayName WhenCreated

As you can see in the above command, it lists all the Group Policy Objects by their display name and the date and time the Group Policy Object was created.

You can also use other attributes of the Group Policy Object with the above command.

For example, using DistinguishedName and WhenChanged attributes show the DN and the modified date for each Group Policy Object.

  • DSQuery * -Filter “(ObjectCategory=GroupPolicyContainer)” –attr DistinguishedName WhenChanged

Similar to above, GpcFileSysPath attribute can be used to check the Group Policy Template on the SYSVOL shared folder.

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