Malware creator of Nirbot taunts researchers

It isn’t every day that you see a malware writer take a deliberate jab at security researchers. Kind of funny really that an Internet bottom feeder, ie: bot writer, would take a directed swipe at the security community. The person must be feeling confident as quite a few bot writers have been taken down by law enforcement in the past couple of years. They may soon find themselves sharing a jail cell if they are not careful. Then again though, most bot/malware writers must have their egos stroked by publicity, be it in the press, or in an IRC chat room. It never fails to astound me that those people also use the Internet and for some reason insist on abusing it. Would they be happy if it became subject to draconian laws to regulate it due to rampart malware? Anyhow, my hats off to people like Val Smith and company for excellent work, and my fond wishes for the creator of Nirbot finding himself a lovely cell mate sometime soon.

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