Microsoft App-V Video Series

Microsoft has released a series of videos all about App-V (Application Virtualization). These videos range from basic introductory configuration, to using App-V with AppLocker, to using Dynamic Suiting.

AppLocker is a new feature of Windows7 that allows administrators to define policies that can allow or deny a user’s ability to run or install executable, MSI, or script files. Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) separates the application from the operating system preventing application conflicts and enabling the ability to run multiple versions of an application of the same desktop. Virtual applications can be delivered in many ways – streaming by assigning applications to user, delivering to machines via Configuration Manager or by using file streaming from removable media. Using App-V and Applocker together ensures that no matter how the application is delivered or what format is takes, physical or virtual, it will respect the policies defined by IT. Watch these demonstrations to learn how to configure App-V; create, update, and publish virtual applications; and create and manage policies for virtual applications.

The following videos are currently posted:

  • App-V Configuration Options
  • App-V with AppLocker Executable Rules
  • App-V with AppLocker Windows Installer Rules
  • Create Virtual App
  • Deprovision Virtual App
  • Launch Virtual App
  • Manage App Licenses
  • Publish Virtual App
  • Run Office Virtual
  • Update Virtual App
  • Use Dynamic Suiting

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