Microsoft Windows Vista: To upgrade or not

Well Microsoft Windows Vista is finally a reality. The question is, is it worth it, to upgrade to it? This is in light of the rather bizarre/restrictive licensing scheme they have for it. Is it just me or did Microsoft peak with Windows 2000 Professional? Every O/S of theirs since then seems to have slid downhill. Don’t get me wrong here, for millions of people Microsoft Windows is still the way to fly. That plus the fact that many corporations are loathe to move to Linux/BSD/Mac for whatever reason, has kept the Microsoft juggernaut rolling along for decades. Market dominance is not always a good thing, and in Microsoft’s case the bloat is starting to show. They need to get back to their W2K Pro roots. This post is somewhat in continuance of my prior one on Oracle. Whenever a company starts to dominate a certain market it is not a good thing.

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