Network Command-Line Utilities in Windows

Here's a list of the network related tools you can use at the Command Prompt:

getmac − Displays the MAC addresses for your network cards.

hostname – Prints the hostname or computer name.

ipconfig − Display and change your TCP/IP configuration settings, or to flush DNS or renew DHCP leases.

nbtstat  − Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

net − A set of commands for interacting with Windows network functions.

netsh − Powerful utility that can adjust many network and interface settings.

netstat − Displays immediate networks stats, such as open ports and routing table information.

nslookup − For testing and troubleshooting DNS servers

pathping − Used for network troubleshooting.

ping − Used for simple network troubleshooting.

route − Manipulates network routing tables.

tracert − Helps identify connectivity problems between the local computer and a network address.

tracert – Helps  troubleshoot network connections by tracing the route to a server.

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