New Command Prompt Tips

Here are a couple tips and tricks of using the Command Prompt in Windows Vista and later:

  • Open a new Command Prompt window directly to a folder location by right-clicking the folder in Windows while holding the Shift key and then selecting Open Command Window Here.
  • Open a new Command Prompt window with administrator privileges by right-clicking the Command Prompt icon and choosing Run as administrator.
  • Drag and drop files or folders onto a Command Prompt window to quickly paste in its location.
  • Press F7 for command-line history, and then hit Enter to execute.
  • Send a command’s output to the Windows clipboard by adding a pipe, space, and “clip” to a command. For example, to send a directory listing to the clipboard: dir | clip
  • Make the command processor wait for a specified number of seconds or until a key is pressed: timeout /T n (replace n with desired number of seconds)

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