One more Virtual PC performance tip

In an article titled Tuning Virtual PC Performance on, I described some tips for improving the performance of Virtual PC. Here’s stilll another tip for you:

  1. Start your virtual machine (VM).
  2. Defragment the drive within the VM.
  3. Select CD –> Capture ISO Image –> browse to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Virtual PC/Virtual Machine Additions/ –> select Virtual Disk Precompactor.iso –> OK –> Yes
  4. Once pre-compacting is complete, select CD –> Release ISO Image, and then shut down your VM.
  5. Finally, in the Virtual PC console, select File –> Virtual Disk Wizard –> Next –> Edit an existing virtual disk –> browse to your .vhd –> Next –> Compact it –> Replace the original file –> Next –> Finish –> go for coffee 🙂

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