PERL scripting and computer security

Scripting, be it in PERL or Python, is a skill that will quickly prove itself invaluable to you as a network security analyst. This is why it really is worth spending a little bit of time each day teaching yourself the in’s and out’s of a scripting language. Not everyone takes naturally to scripting or programming though, however, it can be learnt. Just like any other subject matter it is simply a matter of spending some quality time on it. In that respect it is much like exercise. In no time at all you can be strong, and the same will happen if you devote a bit of time everyday to developing your PERL or Python scripting skills. With your newfound scripting skills you can automate many time intensive tasks like parsing through Intrusion Detection System (IDS) logs, or other security appliances like a firewall, or other such device. Make learning how to script one of your New Years resolutions.

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