Publishing a host using PCAnywhere behind ISA.

First of all you have to create 4 protocol definitions:

· PC-Anywhere-1 : 5631 – TCP – Inbound
· PC-Anywhere-2 : 5631 – UDP – Receive-Send
· PC-Anywhere-3 : 5632 – TCP- Inbound
· PC-Anywhere-4 : 5632 – UDP – Receive-Send

Screenshots of the creation of the first:

Then, create 4 server publishing rules (using one per protocol definition previously created), using the external IP of the ISA that you want to make visible, and the internal IP of the host running PCAnywhere.

It was tried with PCAnywhere 9.X, and It was tested using two levels of publishing (One external ISA that publish an internal ISA, where that points to the host that realy is using PCAnywhere)

Gabriel Zabal
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