Review: Kaviza VDI-in-a-box

Have you heard of Kaviza’s VDI-in-a-box? Kaviza has taken a virtual appliance and grid approach to standing up a VDI infrastructure. Gabe Knuth has written a very nice detailed article giving you a “first look” at Kaviza’s features including:

  • Simple to stand up – each server is just a virtual appliance
  • Simple to expand – just load more virtual appliances on to more hosts
  • Works with XenServer or ESX
  • They licensed HDX from Citrix, so you can use it with your virtual desktops
  • Local storage model, keeps data replicated between hosts, no need for expensive SAN
  • Low cost, and low risk for implementation

Due to Kaviza’s appliance/grid design, standing up more VM hosts is just a matter of importing the virtual appliance, setting the IP address, and pointing it to any other Kaviza server in the grid. Gave was able to install a new Citrix XenServer host in ten minutes, and five minutes later had another Kaviza server in the grid.


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