Run A Custom Script During WIN PE Intialization

You can run a custom script during the WINPE Initialization. To do so, please follow the steps outlined below:


  • Download and install WAIK from MS:
  • Go to Start > type "WIN PE Tools Command Prompt"
  • Execute the following commands:
  • Copype.cmd x86 C:\Winpe_x86
  • Mount the Windows PE Image using the ImageX command:
  • ImageX /MountRW C:\Winpe_x86\Winpe.WIM 1 C:\Winpe_X86\Mount
  • Go to C:\Winpe_x86\Mount\Windows\System32\
  • Edit the StartNet.CMD. Note: By default, this file ships with the WINPE.WIM Image. Put the commands or another script you want to run when the WINPE enters into Initialization mode.
  • Finally, unmount the Image with changes you made using the ImageX command:
  • ImageX /UnMount C:\Winpe_x86\Mount /Commit
  • Copy the changed WINPE.WIM file to the ISO directory by executing the following command:
  • Copy C:\Winpe_x86\Winpe.WIM C:\Winpe_x86\ISO\Sources\BOOT.WIM

That's it! C:\Winpe_x86\ISO\Sources\BOOT.WIM is the changed WIN PE Image.

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