SC Data Protection Manager 2010 is Released to Manufacturing

DPM 2010 reaches RTM! 🙂

We are very excited to announce the RTM of DPM 2010.

You can read the official announcement at System Center Nexus, as well as the commentary from my blog.

DPM 2006 started our journey as ‘centralized backup of branch office files’ to disk. The most important goal was just getting the data out of the branches and not requiring tape drives in each remote location.

DPM 2007 continued by bringing our own tape solution in unison with our disk-to-disk protection, and adding supported ways to protect and recover key Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint. We also delivered DPM 2 DPM 4 DR, as a method of replicating data from one DPM server to another, between datacenters.

DPM 2007 SP1 built upon that and added Hyper-V protection, as well as cloud-based protection using trusted partners like Iron Mountain.

Staying true to our vision of reinventing how Windows customers accomplish data protection by discarding some of the constraints that many legacy backup products deal with — DPM delivers a single agent at the production workload to protect those assets to unified disk, tape and cloud repositories … from Microsoft for Windows.

DPM 2010 truly delivers unified data protection for Windows servers and clients, in a way that is wholly supportable for protection and recovery and across disk-, tape- and cloud-based media.

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