Several Ways To List FSMO Roles in Active Directory Forest

FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles are very critical for Active Directory to run smoothly. As part of the daily Active Directory health tasks, you need to run several command lines tools or customized scripts to check the status of various Active Directory components which includes checking availability of the FSMO Roles.

To check the availability of FSMO Roles in an Active Directory environment, you can run following command line tools (available by default with Operating System installation):

To get the list of FSMO Roles using NetDom command line tool, run the following command:

  • Netdom Query FSMO

And using DSQuery tools

  • DSQuery server –hasfsmo –pdc
  • DSQuery server –hasfsmo –infr
  • DSQuery server –hasfsmo –rid
  • DSQuery server –hasfsmo –name
  • DSQuery server –hasfsmo –schema

Advantage using NetDom command is that it returns the list with FSMO name and the server holding that FSMO role as shown in the below output. The server name is returned in the FQDN format.

  • Schema master                           
  • Domain naming master    
  • PDC                               
  • RID pool manager           
  • Infrastructure master                    

DSQuery command returns the FSMO holder name but in the DN format. The DN format looks like below:

  • “CN=WIN-LDGR7G88TMO,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=devlab,DC=com”

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