Soft skills and IT Security

For those of you in IT, be it security or sys admin, you are likely beginning to realize the importance of having soft skills, or people skills as it were. This is no longer the 1980’s with the mystique that computers once had with only a very small minority in the know. We are now faced with an ever increasing crop of talented IT talent. Just how do you distinguish yourself from the masses? Well that is where the all important soft skills come in.

Use the following example as a premise. You are the sys admin/IT security person in a corporate network. You find that one of your users is surfing porn at work. What do you do? Do you follow possible existing guidelines ie: report them immediately, with them possibly being fired, or do you give them a friendly visit first? That is but one small example. My point is, you must exercise judgement first. It is not always about following guidelines or best practices. There is a human facet to computers. One would be wise to pay attention to it.

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