The hamster wheel that is computer security

Is it just me or do some of you also feel like you are on a hamster wheel when it comes to work. For those of us lucky enough to be working in the field of computer security, it sometimes feels like a neverending whirl of events. There is the need to stay abreast of changes in the industry, whether that be new operating systems, exploits, tools, the list goes on. We much like other jobs have a continually evolving workplace, and it can be sometimes be overwhelming to stay current.

How do you relax then one has to wonder. You cannot risk burnout as your employer won’t really care that you are feeling burnt out. I have found the answer to this is; you really need to “get a hobby” as they say. Even if there is not a hobby of particular interest to you, how about a favorite television show. You need to enjoy something that is not related to what you do for a living.

As much as we enjoy computer security, and being a practicioner of it we also need something to do which is not related to it. Should you not find that something then odds are you will sooner then later begin to feel a burn out. This is something to be avoided. I felt that way after one of my certifications. Didn’t really feel like doing anything for about six months.

Personally for me I very much enjoy watching Battlestar Galactica on the Space Channel. That show is absolutely fantastic and is an incredible remake of the original series. While I watch this show the last thing on my mind is computer security or writing. I am able to completely immerse myself in the show, and when it is finished I actually feel refreshed. Whatever your mode of relaxation make sure that you strive to do it. We all need some down time if at all possible.

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