Xtreme Minute: Algorithms predict when we die? What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Xtreme Minute. This is our weekly rundown of the TechGenix Xtreme Podcast with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King with links to articles on the week’s hot tech topics. This week is all about risk, and just for fun, we add a touch of morbidity.

Our first article is from Monique Magalhaes. Titled GDPR’s privacy by design: An opportunity, not a burden, Monique looks at the positive outcome being realized since the adoption of the GDPR. Peter and I are often critical of today’s lackadaisical approach to quality assurance. What is being discovered is that the GDPR forces companies to produce better products that are not only market ready, but security and privacy compliant upon release.

Second up we delve into the depths of what used to be the unknown. Brien Posey offers up an article titled Google knows everything about your life. Does it know when it will end? Google is currently investing resources to build algorithms that will predict when a patient under medical care will die. We can’t help but wonder if the motivation is to assist the medical community to make informed decisions, or to produce data that could potentially be marketed to insurance companies.

To close things off today, we go to Mitch Tulloch and his article, Do it now or put it off? A risk-based approach to patch management. Written from what most certainly is a system administrator position of pain, Mitch ponders if the practice of issuing patches has somehow gotten out of control. Historically, we were not required to analyze whether or not to apply a patch. Mitch points out that in today’s world, this not only requires planning and scheduling, but also a risk assessment and strategy.

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