The Xtreme Minute: Hey Google! Stop being so selfish — and so creepy!

Welcome to the Xtreme Minute! A collection of short paragraphs you can read in a minute with the goal of providing a snapshot of today’s TechGenix Xtreme podcast discussion with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King, including links to the articles we discuss. Enjoy!

We kick off the podcast with a discussion based on Derek Kortepeter’s article titled, U.S. Supreme Court decision on mobile location data: A boost for privacy protection. This is a dark reminder that while the InfoSec community works tirelessly to ensure transparency of all things security, the risk of data gathered by our mobile devices being used without our knowledge is very real. It’s difficult not to pick a side when reading this one.

Second up, we continue with the theme of existing in today’s Big Brother world. Sci-fi or way too real? Google’s creepy “Selfish Ledger” video and your digital DNA was written by Brien Posey and is a stark reality check that the concept of free will might very well be a thing of the past. Is this another leap towards the enslavement of the human race?  Or is the passive collection of this data truly being used for the greater good? Who decides?

Wrapping up the day, we move on to the Mitch Tulloch article titled, Shedding light on shadow IT: Yes, it’s a problem – except when it’s not. In this documented interview, Mitch joins forces with Tyler Koblasa, CEO of CloudApp to take on the issue of shadow IT. In an interesting twist, they find a silver lining in this highly discouraged practice.

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