The Xtreme Minute: Shifting into turbo with mighty morphin PowerShell

It’s Friday, August 10th and here is this week’s Xtreme Minute! This is a quick look at hot tech topics that comprise today’s TechGenix Xtreme podcast discussion with Louise Chalupiak and Peter King. This week we discuss some important strategies to consider in today’s tech world. You can join the online conversation by clicking the link to an article and adding your comments.

We start with a general discussion about PowerShell. Marketed by Microsoft as a task automation and configuration management tool, PowerShell is a powerful command line tool for system administrators that enterprise environments often list as a desirable skill for new recruits. TechGenix publishes guides and tutorials from beginner to expert level that can be easily located using the TechGenix search option.

The second article is from Brien Posey titled, The one crucial aspect of IT disaster recovery everyone forgets about. Brien’s premise here is that in the event of a disaster, employees will be more concerned about their families and homes than maintaining corporate shareholder value. This is a very consciousness raising article that is a reminder that if we forget about the human side of business, we may very well be leaving the enterprise at risk.

We finish off our day with Rahul Sharma and his article titled, Understanding DevOps: Think of it as a culture, not a method. The shift to DevOps is a cultural change from the days of technology working in isolation to a collaboration between development and operations. To be successful we cannot think of DevOps as a process. It must be considered a cultural change and buy-in from the leadership team is a critical success factor.

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