Tip To Check Network and DNS Settings Before Deploying A DC or Domain

This article explains a small tip or syntax of a command you can use to check the network and DNS settings before deploying a child domain or additional domain controller in an existing forest.

The command you use to verify the settings is:

To deploy an additional domain controller:

  • Dcdiag /test:dcpromo /DnsDomain:domain_name.com /ReplicaDC

To deploy a child domain:

  • Dcdiag /test:dcpromo /DnsDomain:child_domain_name.forest.com /ChildDomain

child_domain_name.forest.com is the name of your child domain+the forest root domain. For example, Example.Microsoft.com. Example is the child domain.

When you run the above command look for the message: "Active Directory Test Installation Was Successful"

if you don't see the above message then there is something wrong with the network or DNS settings.


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