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Gone are the days when job seekers used to uncover employment opportunities by scanning the classified section of newspapers or by attending career fairs to find the jobs. Now, both job seekers and job providers are heavily relying on online job boards or portals to meet their requirements. Today, there are thousands of such online career sites, which are bridging the gap between job seekers and prospective employers.

Every job site is different from each other in terms of its functioning, operations, and jobs they list. There are generic career sites that aggregate a wide selection of jobs and there are niche sites, which lists fewer jobs aimed at specific industries. These job portals operate on social media as well as on various networking groups. Job search engine sites provide its users with a number of filters based on location, salary, designation, and other criteria. Each site has its own way of functioning and has its own set of search options that you can utilize. Job portals such as Indeed allow you to search through various career sites, associations, and job postings. On the other hand, there are certain niche career sites like Dice, which specifically focus on technology-related job postings.

For an individual to get the best available job options, it is very important that they don’t limit themselves to one particular job site. Each career site lists jobs from a certain set of companies and each of them has its own set of filters to find the right job suiting your profile. And as for your skills, make sure they align with what employers are looking for.

Here is some information that could help you find the right job for your career. Below is the list of top career sites (in my opinion) to find IT jobs:


Dice is one of the best job sites that is specifically meant for IT professionals. This niche site lists tech jobs from various leading IT companies such as Google, HP, Dell, IBM, and more. Dice comes with an intuitive and very easy to use interface, with the right set of search tools to find the right job.

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The website also provides a career section, which provides job seekers with a toolkit including job hunting methods, building up a career network, assistance in writing resume and cover letters, essential tips for interviews, and more. The Dice data section provides a well-visualized set of statistics demonstrating the leading tech intakes, company-wide hiring details, trending technologies, salary comparison tools, and more. Jobs on Dice can be filtered based on location, skill, company, employment type, and other filters.


  • Well-respected site for IT career options.
  • Job listings from industry giants.
  • Customized email alerts.


  • Limited number of jobs listings


Glassdoor is one of the most popular career sites because it provides an insider’s perspective of what it’s like to work in a specific company at a specific position. The website contains reviews from current and former employees on their workplaces. All the companies listed on Glassdoor are reviewed by its employees based on some focus areas such as pros and cons of the company, advice to the management, and an overall rating.

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Glassdoor also provides the detailed aggregation of salaries offered by the companies based on job title and experience levels. These real-time salary structures are very beneficial for employees to get an idea on what certain jobs actually pay. The site also contains detailed company-specific interview process and tips from insiders. This will not only aid job seekers to perform well in the selection process but will also provide the necessary information to ace the interviews.


  • Provides valuable insights about the companies from those who work there.
  • Real-time salary structures.
  • Collaboration with partner sites to apply for the jobs.


  • Lacks active listing of job openings.
  • Lacks advanced job search filters.


Indeed is one of the largest job aggregators across the web. It consolidates listings from multiple job boards across the globe under one roof. Indeed also offers a list of comprehensive solutions for both employers and employees to post and search for jobs.

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Indeed lists job posts from various sources such as career sites, job boards, companies, associations, and newspaper classified sections. The website provides advanced job searching filters, including filtering by the salaries, location, and job duties. Through Indeed, job seekers can also research current market trends, high-paying jobs, and salary structures in various industries.


  • An aggregated site for any job search.
  • Comprehensive services for employees and employers.
  • Powerful and advanced job filters.


  • Redundant and duplicate job listings.
  • Unrefined application process.


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has an entirely different approach among career sites. It is the world’s largest business professionals network. It’s more like a social media platform where you get to connect to people, share interests and ideas, identify contacts as employers, and follow up companies for vacancies.

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Both professionals and companies use LinkedIn for networking, job posting and searching, connecting with affiliates and resources, and a wide variety of other professional activities. LinkedIn also organizes content from across LinkedIn and also from various other sources and categorizes it to keep its users updated with latest trends and other big happenings across the globe. The website also allows its users to engage themselves in an answers section, where multiple questions are asked by the users. This is a very good opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their skill and knowledge by answering the questions posted.


  • You can get discovered easily by the recruiters and companies.
  • Professional networking opportunities.
  • Great place to build up an online portfolio and personal credibility.


  • Limited job listings.
  • Many features are confined to paid membership.


SimplyHired falls under the list of largest job aggregator across the web and has millions of jobs posted on it. Although SimplyHired is not a tech-specific job site, it does have a lot of job listings for IT professionals. It has one of the largest job listing pools among all other career sites. It provides flexible search and job filtering options based on various factors.

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SimplyHired’s mobile app is also well designed with an easy-to-use interface, enabling both job seekers and employers to meet their needs on the go. The website comes with free membership and has a global reach. It allows you to post your resume, save your searches, get email alerts, filter companies, and many other options making it one of the best available career sites out in the market.


  • One of the largest job pools.
  • Flexible search filters.
  • Easy to access job boards.


  • Doesn’t provide career resources.
  • Highly saturated site with a lot of duplicate job listings.

And now, make room for the big guy: Google’s job search engine

With tech-giant Google launching its artificial intelligence-powered job search engine, finding a new job is going to get much easier. Google’s go-to job search engine is an aggregator that will fetch job listings from almost all the major career sites.

This initiative from Google allows its users to search jobs either from mobile devices or from their personal computers. This will be aided with a set of various filters to obtain better results from various job listings across the web.

As per the company, the Google jobs’ API will filter out the duplicate job postings and will also display the employer rating from existing and former employees. This API will be functioning on the basis of two primary concepts, based on occupation and skill. The API will focus on accumulating and aggregating job listings for multiple sources, whereas the skill system will include a large set of both hard and soft skills filters for searching jobs.

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Once the user finds a job, Google will redirect you to that particular job site to start the actual application process. Google also made it very clear that it doesn’t want to directly compete with the leading career sites we listed above, but wants to partner with them in redirecting potential job seekers to the right job portals.

Google Jobs is still in its initial stages and hasn’t been rolled out globally. The U.S. will be the first to get these services, followed by other countries. But we don’t think it’s going to take too long for Google to launch its service globally.

The list of career sites for IT professionals doesn’t just end here. There are a lot of other sites such as Monster, MostHired, Authentic Jobs, JobPile, The Ladders, CareerBuilder, and more providing a great scope of employment opportunities. Thanks to all these online sources, finding the right job for job seekers and finding the right employee for the company is now a more refined and easier process.

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